What online games do you play?

I mostly play

League of legends

We can host a cuber-only tournament sometimes.

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cod4 mw multiplayer (crack)

also still playing clash of clans

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I’m mostly into BRs; Apex Legends

Mostly games made before 2013. Shooters, open world games, horror & etc.

i play -
watch dogs 2
gta 4
amazing spider man 2 (2004)
and many more…

I play brawl stars on mobile

tui ki iw4x khelos? plutonium o try koris

update: now that i have an average gameable device, i am playing valorant and pubg mainly…and other offline story games also.

btw, the cuber only tournament seems pretty good idea.

do i know you? talha na ki?

Plutonium black ops 2 and brawlhalla

currently playing valorant, but a noob xD
used to play apex legends, gta online