Cubing Mystery box

A new mystery box option may be available to be bought from around tk100/150-tk2000/2200. The cubes or accessories in the mystery box will be given according to price but ensured that the buyer doesn’t get less the value. This will make it more interesting to buy cubes and buyers can be sure they wont get less value. The items may range to lubes, stands, cubes, timers and bags. A coupon code named ‘mysterylover’ or something may be added for this. Sometimes buyers can get items over the value of payment.

Ps. if the cubes come in a custom box it would be more aesthetically pleasing and nice to add to collection

This could be a good feature. But it is a risky approach. So we haven’t taken it yet. Many businesses do it in the name of the Mystery Box and are actively coerced.

Here at CubeNation, we take brand building seriously. So this is something we will not do at the moment. Bangladesh is not ready for this.

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