About the availability of cube & lubes

Cube Nation is really praise worthy. Because it is BD’s one of the best speed cube selling shop. But one thing I have been facing that is, they don’t have all types of cubes in their stock. It is understandable that the other cubes are not that popular & for which they are not being sold. But they should add the options, after that if it takes more than 1 months then it can be forgivable. Another thing is they only sell branded lubes like GAN, XMD, MOYU etc. But they should also add lubes like Lunar, MARTIAN, STAR DUST.

& thanks cube nation for adding me in this forum.

Can you mention the name of a few puzzles we are lacking in our catalog? We are actively working with our suppliers and manufacturers to keep our catalog up to date. It is not possible for us to stock everything in our catalog (Around 8000 products). But we do have 1-month waiting option available for most puzzles.

We wanted to import lubes from SCS and Cubicle. But the tax rate from BD government on US imports makes it hard to sell. You definitely won’t purchase a 10$ lubricant for 2000 BDT. So didn’t move along with this plan. Maybe we will import them in the future. Who knows. It’s possible to illegally import them through luggage import. But we wouldn’t consider it.